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Sep 11, 2012 8:00pm PDT
's why i'm asking you i'm asking a serious policy question. does he believe pell grants, which many, many hundreds of thousands of students have benefitted from as a way of paying for college, should be eliminated? it is a fair position. he wants to take it. i'm just trying to clarify where he stands. >> pell grants, my wife used a pell grant to graduate from college and pell grants have been useful. remember, pell grants became under the federal government more strongly under obama care which was -- nobody talked about. but the fact is that do we want to make -- your question is whether todd akin wants education to be more affordable and accessible? absolutely. there are policies government can do with that. absolutely. >> eliot: the question is -- he used the phrase third stage of cancer. this is creeping socialism. does he view pell grants as a government intervention where it shouldn't be or does he say pell grants are a good thing we should be doing? >> i think pell grants -- he thinks that pell grants
Sep 20, 2012 5:00am EDT
of these fires both caused by molottv cocktails... point to the same suspects. no arrests have been made.but pe'll tell you what police are doing to solveethis crime.i'm meean gilliland, fox45 morning news. a teenager is shot in the chest... near a school in east baltimore. baltimore.police were called to the scene around 9:30, wednesday morning... on harford road....near east 25th street.a 19-year-old was taken to shock trauma.there is no word on his condition, this says he's a student at harbor city high school. p3&we now know the brutal way a elderly couple from pikesville ... died.police say the murderr weapons were two 20-pounds dumb-bells and a knife.vaughn and marjorie pepper's bodies were found inside their home, last weee.their grandson... 31-year-old matthew being held in an klahoma city dennention center, right now. oklahoma officials foond him.... unconscious in a hotel room...with a note saaing, "i'm sorry"baltimore counny homicide detectives have interviewed him.proceedings to have not begun yet. a proposed slots casino at the rocky gap lodge in western marylandis already
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
in pell grants and launched income based loan repayment student repayment program. secretary duncan has put in place and moved forward. and raced to the top and investing in education. secretary duncan has also led the department in investing substantially in low performance schools throughout the country. we have discussed today. secretary duncan has been immersed in public education throughout his career. he was chief executive officer of the chicago public school system and with the enormous success united the education community. not always an easy thing behind school reform in chicago. following his remarks secretary duncan will take questions from the floor. with that it is my pleasure to welcome the united states secretary of the treasury -- secretary of education arne duncan. [applause] >> thank you for that kind introduction. i don't want the treasury. i will keep my remarks brief and have a conversation with you. it is focused on education and there's nothing more important to be engaged in. lots of hard work ahead of us. i do believe collectively we have a chance to break thr
Sep 1, 2012 6:30am PDT
young people having access to pell grants today. the other side, they would see a huge reduction of pell grants, a less educated workforce. i don't think that's what individuals or families or the country needs. we have to educate our way to a better economy. >> it's interesting these other countries in the world they are doing it with larger class sizes and much fewer dollars per student. why with how much money we're spending on education, why aren't we getting more for our money in public school education. >> we have to continue to invest but we have to invest in reform not in the status quo. we've been thrilled to see 46 states raise standards, huge leadership at the state level. college and career ready, internationally benchmark standards, no longer dummy down standards to make politicians look good, lie to children, lie to parents, bring in next generation of extraordinary teachers, try to invest in early childhood education. rather than pointing fingers, all of us have to come to the table. we have to challenge students to take their own education seriously. we have to challenge
Sep 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
going to do in the next 10 years and how important the pell grants are and the loans. [applause] if it matters, you should be heard on election day. a lot of what is that in politics today bothers me because we all long for the unity we felt on 9/11 and for months afterwards. and we know that to some extent, that level of unity cannot be maintained because we do have honest disagreements and we need to have honest debate. benjamin franklin once said our adversaries are our friends because they show us our faults. but if you believe it until honest debate, you believed in it because you think nobody is right all the time. not because you think it is my way or the highway. there is a big difference. [applause] and if you believe that on this debate, you would want everybody to vote, not to make it harder for the young, minorities, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor to vote. [applause] so i will say again and that the much less time with a try to say last week -- this is a pivotal election. i believe we should be working in an interdependent world for an america of shared resp
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
easy money. >> investigators point out in pell grants, every dollar taken by fraud is a dollar not give dwron a needy student. and students are feeling the pinch. >> this is sick, people come to get money and leave? that is disappoint lg. there are people that need the money. >> u.s. attorney sthez is not the end and more cases are under investigation and more indictments are anticipated. >> a financial dispute is escalating today, all nine foundation official as announced their resignation. the college and foundation have been embroied any n.a dispute since the spring. when accusations surfaced. and each year, the college of marin foundation distributes more than $600,000 to students, and independent investigation and audit is now underway into what is going on z the board of trustees at san francisco city college will hold a special meeting tonight on the school financial crisis. it was revealed in june accreditation commission found city colleges spending too much money ask calling for changes and possibly cuts in order for college to keep it's accreditation. tonight at 6:30 members
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
education. higher education. since 1972, we have provided what has been known as pell grants named after former senator claiborne pell. pell grants to students who want to go to college, students who qualify because of low income. hm. another one of those terrible entitlements, right? if you're low income, you want to go to college, you get a pell grant. it has been a life saver for so many families who otherwise could not afford to send their kids to college. as we know, a college education now is more important than ever. new jobs in every industry, from manufacturing, construction, health care, public administration require workers who have the skill and the education. look what happened just in the recent recession. workers with a college education have led the economic recovery. people with a bachelor's degree or better have gained 2 million jobs since the end of the recession. meanwhile, workers with only a high school diploma or less have lost more than 230,000 jobs. there are over -- i just saw a figure the other day, there are about 2 million jobs in america that are there but t
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
bureau, pell gran, minimum-wage, and so much more that has helped lift the american middle class. the economy does significantly better under democrats. so do investors. the stock market is up 58% since barack obama took office. listen to this. if you had started in in 1925 with $10,000 and invested it in the market in the 44 years the republicans held the white house, it would have growth to less than $30,000 but to more than $300,000 in the 44 years of that democrats have held the white house. i favor the party that invests in the future and boost the middle class and those aspiring to join it. i favor the party whose $10,000 gross to $300,000 instead of 30. second is quality. the democratic party under the leadership of barack obama has dramatically improved the lives of millions of lesbian, gay, a transit center, and bisexual americans. -- transgender and bisexual americans to know cost of anyone else. in college at that out is the only guy in the world to light the other guys. later i found there is someone else exactly like me. he and i never talked about it at the time. no
Sep 18, 2012 11:00pm PDT
is not backing down from those comments. he told fox news that it is simply another comam pell of the fund mental difference between his philosophy and that of president obama. >> frankly we have two different views. the president is one of a larger government. >> the president said the president should be working for everyone and not a select group of constituents. today they released the rest of the secretly recorded video made months ago at a florida campaign event. the big question is who made the romney recording. it was a closed door, $50,000 a plate fundraiser at the home of a private equity investor. the camera was placed on a table off to the side. former president jimmy carter's grandson says he tracked down the source after seeing a clip on youtube and convinced the person who took it to turn it over to mother jones. later on fight line, more about that secret recording and why it was made after this newscast. bob bob a -- a reunion turned deadly. police shot 26-year-old adaogi to death during a domestic dispute that spiraled out of control. he stabbed his two brothers and his father.
Sep 23, 2012 5:00am PDT
discussing before is that black people, whether good or bad, respond to crisis. pell grants are under assault. the job training -- black unemployment is critical. people who are neophytes they get involved in the movement, oh, i'm upset. no, this is part of the long haul. >> and that's my point. in the civil rights struggle there were always losses. we can remember '64, '65 the big victories but we don't think of the losses. we don't think of the long period of time, i mean, the effort to pass the civil rights act began many, many years -- a decade before it actually passed. so it takes a lot of time to push change. but here right here in 2012 i want to reaffirm, we have to occupy the vote, we have to vote. we can't go to sleep this year. the most important way to express our activism is go out and vote. >> we have to leave it there. i know you can go on and on. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks a lot. >> stay right there, we'll be back with more "our world with black enterprise." [ male announcer here it comes! it's the 20th edition of monopoly at mcdonald's and 1 in 4 wins. with o
Sep 11, 2012 1:30am PDT
is several parcels. octavia from market to pell. goal is define projects for the former parcel sites that complemented octavia and design standards for the former parcels. at the time of competition the project was thought to embody these goals. project is designed for the ground floor retail on the octavia corner and frontage to market street and intended to serve as part of larger transition from larger buildings from central market to smaller in the market. market street is also intended to serve as a visual focal point in the gateway of octavia boulevard. five-story front onto the haight street frontage with three to five story residential with full lot coverage. build log be broken down into three along octavia and clad in the glass curtain wall with vertical sun shades. project amendments building across octavia is first baptist church, keeping a consistent roof height across the length of project as it goes out from market to haight street. several have submitted formal endorsements, including the haight valley neighborhood, spur coalition, em meers against of upper market and
Sep 5, 2012 3:30am PDT
and whether to include and the vista in d-1 so d 2 and d 5. thank you. mr. pill pell? >> -- pilpel? >> i'm not sure wife we have reasons and are adoption. >> i was going to get to that. any other edits ms. lam? >> after ms. tidwell adds hers, i want to make it consistent with the format. >> very good. anyone else? >> yes, we still have the question of district seven, drafted by member tidwell? >> we'll come back to that that moment. we just need for ms. tidwell to catch up with us. she's entering her two districts. while she's doing that on the heading, on the reasons for adoption, that should not be there. we aren't offering reasons for adoption. >> i propose that sorry, district considerations as opposed to findings, which would more suggest the one to five. >> sure. >> ok, so going one, typing in four also -- >> hold on. is there anything in three? ok, you're going to begin to type in four? that's fine. >> yeah. >> five is fine and then when you're ready, there are edits to six, so that, again, it is parallel in construction and consistent. >> and are you going to want seven too? >> y
Sep 1, 2012 9:07am PDT
>> thank you very much. >> that is the report. >> ok, thank you. any public comment? >> david pelle pal, and i'm just touching back on the pg&e gas pipeline on the revocable permit issue. this is the first and hearing about it. i appreciate the watershed mitigation protection. it seems that there would be all kinds of impacts and things. i do not know who has to reply with what ceqa requirements. that is an interesting point. i would hope that within the staff that the groups are involved and what ever we need to do and what ever reports need to be generated or monitored that it can be done to the commission in the future. i'm also wondering if pg&e will vacate their existing building if their new pipelines are being taken out of the old? and i'm assuming that they will cover all of the puc costs related to this relocation. >> mr. harrington? >> all of the different parts of the puc are involved with city planning, because city planning has to be happy with the final review on that. in many cases, i believe they want to have the old pipeline left in place. what you do when a pipelin
Sep 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
baltimore because of can watch art modell's funeral online today as it happens. pe'll stream it live starting dot com. 3another viewing will be heed today... for a harford county sheriff's deeuty. deputy.34-yeaa-old cooporal charles lii-ato was on-duty... when he crashed his car on conowingo road last week. the viewing is scheduled for thhs afternoon... from 2 to 9 p-m at mc-comas funeral home in abingdon. his fuunral will be tomorrow at 11::0 a-m... at the mountain christian church in joppa. aaceremony honoring those who lost their lives 11 yearr ago on september 11th is underway right now in new york.'re looking live at just a moment of silence marking the moment that flight 175 struck the south towwr. tower.there has already there has already been one this morning... at 8:46... ground zero.during the er at - memorial... ffmily members are &preading the names of the victims in paars.- there wiil be 100 pairs of readerr wwo will continue until all names are read. if you'd like to help soldiers nd military &pfamilies.... there's a new easy way to do it. it. joel d. s
Sep 26, 2012 5:00am EDT
president obama has expanded pell grants, and cut out the banks as middlemen for loans -- allowing studenns to porrow directly from the povernment. now, obamm growth y increasing state grants.yet -- he'd need congress to hell fund thaa. promise free stuff that you &pwill nd up paying for. what want to do is get ou a greet job, so you can pay ittback yourself." mitt romney's lan burdensomm regulattons, and get the government out of the ssudent loan uuiness.romney says the flood of fedeeal dollars just drives up tuition. molly corbett broad of the american council on education pointssout the recession's also a factor."when the states reduces its support, the only other placc to turn for most colleges in the public sector is to increase tuition."either way, students ike jjckie feel left ut in the ccld."a lot of in coolege or don't have kids my aae just think that, oh, you're either wealthy enough to go to college or you get finannial aid from the &pgovernment. it's that simple. but it's not thht simple." christine romans, cnn, new york.-----end----- ccn.script----- a big bankk.. paying ou
Sep 12, 2012 5:30pm EDT
, hamburger and french fries. now the chain will help customers make healthier changes. >> a pell unveiled the iphone today. >> taking a look at our view from ocean city. ocean water temperature still about 75 warm degrees. we'll be back with the forecast. >>> let's get back to the breaking news .d police tell us a victim was shot in the stomach between the theater by the student center on the morgan campus. baltimore police with riot shields entered the university's university and morgan estate police said officers are looking for an armed man an encouraged students to lock their doors and only open them to police. we are giving updates on >>> we have a problem tonight with imported cheese carrying listeria. it killed one and sent three to the hospital, including three from our state. forever cheese is pulling the chose sold between june 20th and august the 9th. the government said if you have it, don't eat it, toss it. >>> all right. you're soon going to be seeing a new addition on mcdonald's menu. the chain will post calorie counts. they're voluntarily doing it but regulat
Sep 4, 2012 6:30pm EDT
dividends for our nation. from government funding for pell grant scholarships to make college more affordable to head start to community college to job training president obama has walked with america's women. (cheers and applause) president obama is helping women access preventative health services like cancer screenings, contraception and well women exams. meanwhile mitt romney and republicans in congress would like to roll back a woman's access to important preventative care. turn over women's health decisions to their doctors and defund planned parenthood. and president obama has walked with the hispanic community. because of president obama's work more hispanics have access to health care. more hispanic students can afford a college education and now dreamers who are american in every way except on paper no longer live under the shadow of deportation! (cheers and applause) mitt romney, on the other hand, is walking away from us. he walks with people who disrespect us and people who divide us. and people who who do not believe that the american dream means all of us. president
Sep 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT
: president obama has expanded pell grants and cut out the banks as middlemen for loans, allowing the students to borrow directly from the government. now they slow tuition growth by increasing state grants, yet he needs congress to help fund that. >> i'm not going to promise some free stuff that i know you're going to end up paying for. what i want to do is give you a great job so you'll be able to pay it back yourself. >> mitt romney's plan to help students, remove burdensome regulations and get the government out of the student loan business. romney says the flood of federal dollars just drives up tuition. molly corbett broad says that the recession's heavy toll on the state budget is also a factor. >> when the state reduces its support, the only place to turn for most colleges in the public sector is to increase tuition. >> a lot of people who don't have students in college or don't have kids my age, think, oh, you're either wealthy enough to go to college or you get financial aid from the government, it's that simple. but it's not that simple. >> jackie won't be the only one left out in t
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
, and we took the money and increase the amount of the pell grant, which allows more kids to go to college. this is the land of opportunity. this is where we believe anyone can do anything and personal freedom is very important, but to get to the next rung and the latter, there is a lot of families that cannot get their kids to college. i do not want to shut that door for them. it is important i think that we keep the pell grants and place. i think we also have to pay attention to student tuition. i think it is bad that we are not investing more in higher education at the state and local level. unlike many others, i think we should raise the cigarette tax. i am embarrassed it is the lowest in the country. it is 17 cents per pack. we could raise it by a dollar and still be the cheapest in the midwest. ." should be getting cheaper, not more expensive. i would like to open up the door for on trepan doors to come -- on top and worse to come into education. we need to look at why the tuition prices are raising. i believe easy to secure government loans have increased the price of college. with
Sep 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
dream is all about. >> absolutely. not to mention increases in pell grants so that kids who have the capability have the financial ability to go to college the democratic party decreasing student loan interest rates so that more people have that opportunity. i'm a product of student loans. without them i would not be able to attend law school and have all the opportunities that having a law degree opened up to me. you go down issue after issue whether it's small business or social services, social security medicare. those are the touchstones for hispanic families. that's what helps them lift the next generation up on their shoulder. >> eliot: as you point out, it's not a handout. it's a hand up. these are programs that have given people the opportunity to work hard and then succeed. yet they're the very parts of the budget that paul ryan wants to cut. >> absolutely. they are the tools for success. it still depends on the individual's determination and hard work to make themselves successful but it provides the opportunity. if you look at the ryan budget it decimates everything th
FOX News
Sep 1, 2012 3:00pm PDT
to say about young voters, really quick, rick, president obama, $1,000 increase in pell grant. paul ryan, romney, they would cut pell grants by $830. but tens of thousands of young people who turn 18 every day, they recognize that that's important to them and i think president obama will get their vote. >> rick: jehmu, matt, thank you both. we'll have you back on. thank you for joining us have a good one. >> arthel: when we come back, a federal judge making a major decision that will affect voting in a key battle ground state. we'll tell you who is happy about it and who is not. >>> welcome back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. explosions rocking cities across syria. new amateur video allegedly showing the regime bombing rebel strongholds around the country. the government claims they beat back a major attack on an air base. rebels say they captured a regime base in the east. >> rick: u.s. reportedly striking another blow against terrorists in pakistan. pakinstani intelligence saying u.s. drones fired a barrage of missiles, killing at least five suspected militants on t
Sep 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
's public schools and expanded pell grants so that more young people can afford college. and because he knows we don't have an ounce of talent to waste, the president took action to take action for the young generation of dreamers. now, it's time for congress to enshrine in law, their right to pursue their dreams in the only place they've ever called home, america. four years ago, america stood on the brink of a depression. fighting incredible odds, and united republican opposition, our president took action. and now we've seen 4.5 million new jobs. he knows better than anyone that there's more hard work to do. but we're making progress, and now, we need to make a choice. it's a choice between a country where the middle class pays more so the millionaires can pay less. or a country where everybody pays their fair share, so we can reduce the deficit and create the jobs of the future. it's a choice between a nation that slashes funding for our schools and cuts pell grants or a nation that invests more in education. and it's a choice between a politician who rewards companies that ship ame
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
to expand progress so that more young people can afford college -- pell grants so that more young people can afford college. the president took action to lift the shadow of deportation from a generation of young, law-abiding immigrants. [applause] now it is time for congress to enshrine in law the right to pursue their dreams in the only place they have ever called home -- america. [applause] four years ago, america stood on the brink of a depression. despite incredible odds, a united republican opposition, our president took action and now we have seen a 4.5 million new jobs. he knows better than anyone that there is more hard work to do. but we are making progress. and now, we need to make a choice. it is a choice between a country where the middle class pays more said that millionaires can payless for a country where everybody pays their fair share so we can reduce the deficit and create the jobs of the future? [applause] it is a choice between a nation that slashes funding for our school and guts pell grants or a nation that invest more in educating? it is a choice between a politician w
Sep 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
education, making college more affordable, from community colleges, pell grant scholarships and student loans. obama knows the value and education is not just in the books they read. for some students, school is the only place where they get a hot meal and a warm hug. teachers are sometimes the only ones who tell our children they can go from an indian reservation to the ivy league, from the home of a struggling single mom to the white house. our schools are wary passed down our stories and our history. in my family, that american history goes back centuries, residence,e first presiden native americans. obama understands the native american story involves both painful chapters and hopeful ones. he knows that the native american story is part of america's story, and that we deserve to be part of the american dream. that is why he welcomes the tribal nations to the white house and joined them at the table. he signed the settlement to correct a long standing investment that the late eloise cabell spent 15 long years fighting for. he has made investments to prevent violence against women an
Sep 4, 2012 1:00am EDT
students who aspire to higher education. at a time that the pell institute is reporting that states are disinvesting. president obama said we must invest in all students. he doubled the investment in pell scholarships. whether you live in rural america or an appellation of are in the mississippi delta. all low-income students that are prepared will be able to obtain a higher education. president obama past the american opportunity tax credit act worth up to $10,000 over four years of college to american families so that college will be possible to a much larger group of students. president obama put capped student loan payments so as a student does not required to pay more than 10% of what here or she gets in a month and capped the limits of interest on student loans. he expanded opportunities so students can work their way is through college. students and families will make possible for hundreds of thousands of students to access and succeed in college. everyone who believes investing in human capital will make in america built to last much support president obama. for that reason
Sep 23, 2012 7:00am PDT
their kids to a public school, private school, after school help, online help. we do this in the pell grant program. very monumental shift to make the pell grants attach to the backs of the students and not to the institution. that is incredibly important and it disrupted the higher education system where it propelled us to develop the best system, university system throughout the '70s and '80s. those moneys were available to students going to southern methodist or notre dame. >> sure. let me push back just a bit. it's always only going to be a small proportion of america who go off to college and attaching the money to the student for -- to go to southern methodist or princeton has a different impact than mr. romney's proposal to attach the money to the students in the local communities. if the money follows the students and the student leaves, you can hollow out whole neighborhood making it impossible for those who don't have the choice toss have the kinds of schools i was talking about. that seems to be the outcome of the privatization of the romney administration would be. >> overwhelmi
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
after school for minimum wage. thank god for the food stamps, public education, and pell grants that helped me finish high school and college. [cheers and applause] in time, we pulled through. with this start, i was able to earn my own commission as an army officer, and i became an assault helicopter pot working my up to command a blackhawk helicopter company. [cheers and applause] in 2003, my national guard unit was mobilized and i became one of first army women to fly combat missions in iraq. and almost -- almost a year into my tour i was wounded and recovered at walter reed with other wounded warriors. some of us are obvious injuries, others had scars on inside that were less visible but no less real. at the hospital, i realized my new responsibility, to honor the buddies who saved me by serving our military men and women and i became the director of the illinois department of veterans affairs. [cheers and applause] we led the nation -- we led the nation in screening for traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress and we created a tax credit for illinois businesses that
Sep 16, 2012 6:00am PDT
that democrats will gain seats, but not enough to win the majority. democratic leader nancy pell owes where i and the reason for her optimism is next. but only for a limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted shrimp just $14.99. i'm ryan isabell and i sea food differently. why not take a day to9. explore your own backyard? with two times the points on travel, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy. have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. >>> earlier i visited with house democratic leader nancy pell owes where i. we began with the democrats' chances for winning back the majority in november. >> i read something in "roll-call" that described the prospects for democrats retaking the house as theoretically possible but unlikely. would you agree with that? >> no. >> i think that, first of all, i don't know what that is, but i do know that the source of our confidence is, and that's the quality of our candidates. they're just great. the fact that they are strong i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 348 (some duplicates have been removed)